Membership has its benefits

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Being a DUKE Heights BIA member gives you more advantages than you’re probably aware of. With the new programs that are launched, every one will now have access to small business discounts, security services, and get the latest updates in the area through DUKE News and learn about emerging trends through DUKE Talks. As a BIA member your benefits are many. For starters, being a unified group you can get more things done than if you tried doing it on your own. Like having the collective ability to retain a security patrol detail for the area, which gives value, security, and stability to all members. As a collective with common goals, you can get the support of the City of Toronto to help fix some of the infrastructure issues. The BIA’s collective voice opens new opportunities to take actions that will make the community stronger and give value to the business community. And it’s important to point out that you do not pay anything to access these benefits. These benefits are available to businesses of all sizes.


A Dedicated BIA Office

As a business operating in the area you now have a dedicated office with staff, to tap into a wealth of information and services.

The New Branding

The new branding under the DUKE Heights umbrella will start being visible all across the area. Street signs, banners, transit posters, and more will help to slowly establish this new identity. And as a member of the area you automatically become an ambassador of DUKE Heights. The place where opportunity intersects with potential.

Security Services

All BIA members have access to security services free of charge, like patrol dispatches, patrols of your property, alarm response, safe walk program and more. And it’s available to all business types whether you’re industrial, commercial, office or retail.

Services for employers

Employers can receive free human resources assistance, as well as grants and hiring and training incentives. Services are available free of charge to businesses in the BIA through partner agencies that will help you find the right people and even help train employees. They help connect talented young people to demanding new jobs.

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